Professional Supervision

For people working with people


The Harakeke Centre offers professional supervision for people working in health care, school counsellors, teachers, RTLB staff, teaching support staff, NGO workers, social workers, business professionals and managers in both public and private sectors.

Professional supervision involves making a time to reflect and review workplace practice with an independent professional. Working agreements will be created to develop ways to change current issues and to improve workplace environments. It also offers an opportunity to celebrate success and to be validated and supported in your work.

How do I arrange an appointment?

You may choose a professional supervisor from the website/ brochure and contact that person directly or call the centre where someone will arrange for a supervisor to contact you to arrange a time to meet.

The supervision contract is negotiated with individual supervisors and this will include length of session, frequency of sessions, fee, desired outcomes for supervision. Sessions can be paid by employers or by the individual.