Michelle van Dyk

B.A, M.A (Hons) University of Auckland
Registered Psychologist

Accredited Triple P Practitioner


I am a child psychologist with over 12 years experience in working with infants and young children and their families. I combine private practice with working as a psychologist at the Ministry of Education specialising in Early Intervention for children with Special Needs. My clinical practice includes working with a wide range of children including children with attachment disorders, anxiety disorders, severe problem behaviour and developmental delay. I also work with children on the autistic spectrum and a range of other syndromes. I offer psychometric assessments and tailored intervention programmes for individual children as well as providing advice and strategies for parents to implement in their homes. If required I also carry out observations in pre-schools and schools and can liaise with teachers and pre-school staff around the needs of the child.

I supervise 5th year University of Canterbury Child & Family psychology students and intern psychologists in  my role at Ministry of Education and also provide private supervision for psychologists working with children. I also carry out assessments for a number of research studies at the Christchurch School of Medicine.